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Current Events Semester 2 Final Exam Review

1) Texts ( An Inconvenient Truth 1,2, solutions )
  Study for meaning. Review vocabulary.

2) Essay topic: Your research report. Summarize from memory.@(140 words)

3) Keywords from texts.

*Vice President
climate change
global warming
public opinion
scientific fact
natural phenomena
long-term variation
*The Kyoto Protocol
to prevent something
to pressure somebody
to be a pity
the media
to be uncertain

to reflect
*carbon dioxide
to absorb
*the Northern Hemisphere
to be linked
to be a coincidence
The Snows of Kilimanjaro
the Polar Caps
to flood
*within 10 years (Kilimanjaro snow disappears)
*within 50 to 70 years (North Pole disappears in summer)
10 to 20 feet (water levels may raise)
90% (reflected by ice, absorbed by sea)
40% (polar ice has thinned)
*extreme weather events
a warmer ocean (cause)

wind power
*solar power
hybrid automobiles
fuel cells
carbon taxes
CSS (carbon capture and storage)

* = will be on the test.

4) Gmail and Facebook
  Keywords from the worksheet.