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International Awareness Semester 1 Final Exam Review

  What is Child Labor? Why is it a bad thing? What can we do to solve this problem? (80 words)

Keywords for the listening test:

----From eNeeds or Wants?f----
 to be fuzzy
 a basic need
 a want
 school uniforms
 a job
 many friends
 farm animals (pigs, cows, chickens)
 a pet
 a vacation
 a religion (God)
 a T.V.
 clean water
 a doctor that you can afford
 public transportation (trains, buses)
 a close local community
 a smile on your face

----From Child Labor-----
 child labor
 cash crop
 coconut fiber
 The Gap
 soccer balls
 fair trade
 a demonstration

---From Millennium Development Goals---
 extreme poverty (1)
 primary education (2)
 gender equality (3)
 child mortality (4)
 maternal health (5)
 AIDS, malariac (6)
 environmental sustainability (7)
 a global partnership for development (A fairer world economy) (8)
 a positive force (Globalization needs to become this.)
 a negative force (Now, globalization is this.)
 to break with business as usual ( to change in a big way.)