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Semester 2 Mid-term Exam Review

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1) Understand the texts.

2) Keywords from the texts:
Study the list of words. Listen to the explanations in English.

-(The Kyoto Protocol)
 The U.S.A.
greenhouse gasses
 a 5% decrease (the whole world, by 2012)
 a 6% decrease (Japan)
 an 8% decrease (Central and Eastern Europe)
 a 60% decrease (needed to stop global warming)
 an 8% increase (Australia)
 Russia (agreed and made The Kyoto Protocol a real law.)

-(Wangari Maathai)
 'Think globally act locally.'
 a Ph.D
 an ecologist
 women's rights
 sustainable development
 The Nobel Peace Prize

3) Essay: (90 words)
  What things should be done in Japan to reduce CO2 ?  Make sure your suggestions match the information in the graph below.