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Topic 5:  What is the solution to the problem of Palestine?

Above: Israel destroyed this Palestinian boy's home. He now is a refugee and lives in a refugee camp.
 Click on the picture to read his story. WARNING! There are some shocking pictures of dead people.
Click Here to see Israel`s point.

  It has been about 60 years since the country Israel was made by Jewish people from Europe and around the world but the indigenous people, the Palestinians, still have no peace.

  It is a very complicated problem. On the one hand, the Palestinian refugees living in nearby countries or in The Occupied Territories ( The West Bank and The Gaza Strip ) have the right to their own country. On the other hand, Israel cannot simply give away land and cities to a new Palestinian country. And even if they did, some people would still be unhappy and cause problems.

 Also, Israel and the Occupied Territories are dependent on each other. Separating would be very difficult even if everybody agreed.

  However the situation now is very bad. Poverty in The Occupied Territories is increasing and sometimes Palestinian organizations do terrorism to make themselves heard. They want independence. When this happens, Israel gets revenge with their strong military. This creates a cycle of violence. Revenge leads to more revenge.

  Many people on both sides want peace more than anything else.

  Many of the nearby countries blame Israel's government for the problems, but the Israeli government is backed by the U.S. so the military is stronger than any other country nearby. They don't have to compromise to the Palestinians or to the other countries.

  On the other hand, some Palestinian organizations don't recognize Israel as a real country. They think all of the land should be given back to them. They aren't compromising either. If they gain independence, they may continue violence towards Israel. That's why Israel wants to control them.

  Many people say this problem has caused all the other problems in the Middle East. Many people even say this problem is the real cause of the attacks of 9/11.

What do you think the solution should be?
Write your ideas on the BBS. (100 words)

'The Occupied Territories' are actually two different areas: the large area on the east
called 'The West Bank', and the small area next to the Mediterranean Sea called 'The Gaza Strip'.

palestine checkpoints

The marks are checkpoints inside the occupied territories.

If a Palestinian person wants to travel to another city, they must have permission from the Israeli Army guards.