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'The Secret Journal'

We will give you a notebook. Please write a secret name, and your class number on the cover. (All year, never write your real name! )
   Example: eBlackjackf (Class 1), or eRosef (Class 2)
You will write to a student in another class.
You will not know who they are.
You may write about anything you want.
At the end of your entry, please ask your partner a few questions.
Don't forget to bring the notebook back to class after you've finished your turn!
We will collect the notebooks from you and then take them to the other class.
We will not look in the notebook; It is private.
The only rule is no Japanese, only English.
If you don't understand your partner's English, ask them when you write them back.
   ExampleYou said that you don't like to (--------). What does (----------) mean? Do you mean you don't like (---------)?
Since we need time to collect them and give them to the other class, you will write every other week.
Don't forget to write.
Don't forget to bring the notebook back to school.
If you do. the other person will be disappointed.  :(

   Let's have fun writing English about something real!