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The Story of Stuff

List of facts from 'The Story of Stuff'.

1) In the last 30 years, we have used 1/3rd of the Earth's natural resources.

2) For every one garbage bag we throw away, 70 bags of garbage are made to make it.

3) 51 of the largest 100 organizations in the world are corporations, not governments.

4) 5 times more fish are being caught than in 1950.

5) 80% of the world's original forests are gone.

6) In the Amazon alone, 2000 trees a minute, or 7 football fields are cut.

7) In order to make one McDonald's hamburger, 9 square meters of rain forest are cut.

8) The food with the most toxins is human breast milk.

9) 30% of children in the Congo drop out of school to work in Coltan mines. (Coltan is for electronic stuff)

10) Consumerism= The idea that happiness equals buying and having things.

11) Planned obsolescence= you have to buy a new thing because your old one doesn't work with the new type of product. The old one may still work fine.

12) Perceived obsolescence= you have to buy a new thing because you feel your old one is ugly or not fashionable.

13) 6 months after buying something, only 1% of those things are still in use.

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