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Answers and explanations from the quiz:

 Here is the paragraph from the quiz. The connections are in different colors:

Paragraph 1
Ikeda-Fuzoku H.S. Joins the UNESCO mission.

  The World Heritage List is a project of UNESCO. The organization, which is branch of the United Nations, collects information and makes a list of places of special interest to humanity. Japan is home to many of these sites. The majority of the ones here are temples or buildings of historical or religious importance. In mid-May many students from this school visited these places and carried out mini-research projects on them. Through this experience, the students were able to understand the message of UNESCO's project and will be able to share this with other people in the future.

Can you see the flow?  It goes like this:

UNESCO->the organization   
Places of special interest -> these sites
-> the ones here
temples or buildings of historical or religious importance -> these places
mini-research projects -> this experience
the message of UNESCO's project -> this

Paragraph 2
Learn to Lead Yourself.

  Being a leader is much better than simply being a member of a group. It has many advantages. One of them is learning how to make decisions. This is an important skill in our personal lives as well as when we work within groups. Usually, when we make decisions, they effect our own lives only, but being a leader forces us to think more deeply about decisions because they may change many people's lives. Thinking about things seriously like this is an important thing for us to learn how to do. We need to take all decisions seriously and consider things before we act. By doing this, we can improve our own situation. In this way, being a leader helps us learn to help ourselves. For this reason, being the leader of a group is an invaluable experience worth much more than merely being a member.

Can you see the flow?  It goes like this:

Being a leader -> It
advantages -> one of them
how to make decisions -> this
decisions -> they
more deeply -> like this
consider things before we act -> this
we can improve our own situation -> In this way
being a leader helps us learn to help ourselves -> this reason

  Using different words for the same thing to connect your sentences like this helps your paragraph flow nicely, and you can avoid using the same word twice!

*note: I didn't use labels like firstly, secondly, etc. because its all one connected idea.