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English Activities Page
Reading For Understanding
  These are very good exerizes. Some are difficult, so start with a low level and work up.
  By reading, you can improve your English quickly.

Activities for ESL students.
   This page has more than 1000 games for learning English. Can you find one that you enjoy?

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
   More than 100 listening lessons at different levels. Some video lessons too!

The ESL Independant Study Lab
  This page has over 225 activities and games for learning English, including many listening activities!

The Virtual Language Centre
  This page has many games, reading exercises, grammar lessons, and listening activities.
  It also has a dictionary bulit into every page so you can see the defintion of any word by putting the mouse over it!

Games for "Fifty-Fifty".
   This page has games for the book Fifty-Fifty. Find the chapter you are studying in class. Do the exersizes before a test, or any time!.

Games for "Passport".
   This page has games for the book 'Passport'. There are three levels for every lesson. Try them all!

Real English
 Video English Lessons. It's free! (but you need to register). It is low level but creative. Many accents that are 'real'.

Simpsons Page
   This page tells the story of each show. After you see the show in W.E.W., try reading the story.