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Rewrite of 'Change in your school', and the 'given to new' principle.

  Today we will re-write the essay from last time called 'Change in your school'. This will be the last time we use Criterion, so let's try to get the best score ever! You already have some good ideas from last time. Now all you need to do is add to it and revise. Making longer sentences may improve your score too. Sentences will be long if you connect ideas with words of transition like we learned about last time. Also don't forget that since this essay is about an imaginary situation, you will need to use conditionals.

  In order to revise, you can get ideas from many different places:
Find some of your mistakes and errors using the 'feedback analysis' window of Criterion.
 Read another student's essay in order to get some more ideas.
( You can do this from inside of Criterion. )
 Ask the person next to you. Maybe they can give you some advice.
( Speaking in Japanese is OK. )
Raise your hand and ask the teacher!

  Today's quiz: the 'given to new' principle.

  We talked about this in class. Do you remember? In order to connect sentences inside a paragraph, you can change the order of the phrases within the sentences.

  For example:
Our school is in a very old building. There is a new media center in front of the old building.
  is not as good as:
Our school is in a very old building. In front of the old building, there is a new media center.

The second set of sentences link well. First, school to old building, and then it continues, old building to media center. The new information is added to the information we already know from the last sentence.  However, in the first set of sentences it goes from school to old building, then to media center, and then back to old building. The second set flows nicely. It flows forward. It doesn't go back. We also learned about making sentences flow in the lesson called 'cohesion.'

  Here's another example:
Some students never clean the classroom. The whole school seems dirty if we don't clean the classrooms.
  is not as good as:
Some students never clean the classroom.
If we don't clean the classrooms, the whole school seems dirty.

*Note: Some sentences can not be connected like this. For some sentences, it doesn't matter.

Now go to 'Quizlab' and do the quiz called 'Given to New'.
After you are finished with the quiz, read the explanation of the answers.
After that, go to 'Criterion' and start your rewrite.

Good luck!

For quizlab 'classwords' are:

Passwords are: