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1 EF US,Can,Aus,NZ,UK Depending on country.       Test and Interview Osaka 1060,000 to 1680,000 yen     effjp@gol.com This is a big organization, that has prep courses.
2 ASSE (PIEE) 23 different countries 10 to 14 months 420 Middle or High School Student Jan 26 Jan 26   980,000 to 1,680,000 yen  Available   http://www.piee.jp  
3 Nacel Open Door US,Can,Aus,Eur. 10 or 11 months 74 15 to 19 yrs old Feb March   1060,000 to 1790,000 yen Available   bunsai@bunsai.net Preparation courses are include in the fee.
4 AISE US, Can,Ireland,Aus,NZ. Aug to June, Ireland is from July, NZ is from Jan.   15 to 17 yrs old Depending on the country     990,000 to 1,570,000   2,000,000 to 3000,000 yen     exchange@aise.gr.jp Boarding school programs also available
5 EIL USA Aug to May or June 50 15 to 18 Feb 20 Test and Interview Osaka, ( Late  go to Tokyo) 960,000 yen See pamphlet   eil-japan@mug.biglobe.ne,jp ESL preparation course available. Summer programs in various countries
6 WISE USA 5 months,              10 months           5 months 300,000    yen          10 months 420,000 yen     michele@wisefoundation.com Farm-Stay summer programs, and other summer programs available.
7 AYUSA US,Eur,Aus Depending on country. 250 3.0 GPA December, Feb Test in March followed by interview. Seminar in Tennoji in January 1100,000 yen Available   info@ayusajpn.com This is one of the biggest organizations
8 CIEE USA Aug to June       English, Essay, Interview   1,000,000 yen plus expenses     http://www.cieej.or.jp  
9 JYDA USA Aug to June       SLEP or Michigan Test   1,090,000 yen plus expenses     info@jyda-ie.or.jp  
10 AFS 50 countries Depending on country. 11,000   Sept 13 Test and Interview   980,000 to 1,100,000 yen  Available   info-osaka@afs.or.jp This is one of the biggest organizations
11 YFU 40 countries Depending on country. 400-500   Oct 4 Test and Interview   1,180,000 yen all together Available   www.yfu.or.jp This is one of the biggest organizations
12 NWSE USA Aug to June 150 Slep 40 End of April Slep 40 and recommendation   4750 $ plus expenses     nwse@nwse.com This one is cheap, and accepts late applicants.
13 YES US,Aus. Depending on country. 140 HS Student End of March Test and Interview   990,000 / 1,230,000 plus expenses Available   yes2d@fa.mbn.or.jp  
14 JFIE US, Can,Ireland,Aus,NZ. Depending on country.     Jan 31      (Late OK) Test and Interview   890,000 to 1,750,00 Available   jfieng@jfie.gr.jp You don't need a high SLEP to be accepted.
15 Langley School district B.C. Canada (near Vancouver) Aug to June           12,100$ Can plus 750/month for homestay.     stoews@sd35.bc.ca This school district offers an in-house international program.