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Links for Japanese language learning.
"So you want to learn Japanese" This is a HILARIOUS description of studying Japanese, written by a university student.
"The Quirky Japan Homepage" is more of a guide to Japan than a language learning site, but it has some good sections like 'Cool Places', and 'Useless people'.
"The quick and dirty guide to the Japanese Language." This is a page that explains all the mechanics of the language. It's kind of serious.
"Super Japanese Website" by University of Northern Iowa has links in many categories from Kanji to geography.
Pretty simple, but functional, and based on everyday situations. Good for a beginner!
Association for Japanese Language Teaching. A fairly big site.
'learn Japanese online': for beginnersPts/japanese/index.html
"Teach yourself Japanese" seems pretty straightforward and easy! Try it out!
Yakuza Japanese. Everything you need to know to sound like a Japanese gangster. There's also a great guide to Yakuza movies, with film clips and even dialogues!
"Japanese Culture: A Primer for Newcomers" is part of a bigger page covering Japan seen from an American, The view the author presents is critical but insightful. The author has obviously entered the 'disillusioned' phase of acculturation but is nevertheless quite descriptive and accurate.
Easy Kanji. A series of short texts where every kanji is hyperlinked to its pronunciation and reading. There are also hints for passing the upper levels of the JLPT and an advanced-level grammar guide.
Nihongo Resources. A huge page with dictionaries, grammar guide, kanji information, and lots more.
Jim Breenfs Japanese Page. One of the oldest and best Japan-related resources on the Internet. Breen is famous for his WWWJDIC Translation aid and his homepage has links to thousands of URLs related to Japan and its language.
  'The EP Journal'  - Exchange students from the EP program at Momoyama, please become a member of this MSN group and add pictures from your life in Japan. If you have problems doing it at home, Mr Yoshida or Craig can do it from the PC in the EP room. The parents love to look at this page. You can also see all the pictures from last year as well as pictures of the students from Momoyama studying at your school now. Take a look!