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Highlights of Micheal Krauss's 'Integrating the Internet into the Classroom"
Graduate School of Education, Lewis & Clark University

The main page for the course. The whole syllabus and next course dates are listed.

Methodology and activity or project structures

Activity formats such as hotlists, media scrapbooks, subject samplers, webquests explained here.

Examples of Joan Berger's 'Scenario' type of activity.

Frameworks for Telecollaboration projects.

A Taxonomy of WebQuest activities

The 'Module' format of research project is explained here.

"Project Based Learning" is described.

More on Project Based Learning

A class creates a whole resource page on a subject in Thomas Robb's Web Project.

A whole downloadable book by Judi Harris on activity structures

'Teaching with the Web' offers some travel and news activity formats used in an L1 classroom to develop international awareness.

Activity resources

'Knowledge Network Explorer' links to 'Blue Web'n' which has many hotlists, webquests, etc. on file.

University of San Francisco's Webquest page.

'Imagination Voyages' online travel simulation activity.

      'Expedia' travel planner

Internet-Based projects for Business English, resources for ESP from University of Oregon ESL

Educational hotlists from the Franklin Institute

The Marco Polo program's site has lesson plans and activities.

Other internet teaching resources

Very good graded reading material fom CNN.

Other graded news links from Ohio University's ESL dept.

Ohio University's ESL department has topics and resources arranged for content based learning.

'Project Gutenberg' offers free access to famous and important texts.

Ellen's place: A potpurri of links for content based instruction.

Wikpedia has material on almost any topic

'Countries A to Z' has concise info pages on various countries.

Step by step building of a thesis sentence at 'ElectraGuide'.

Science learning network has activities for K-12

The 'Why' files (Science) activities for K-12

Internet learning on economics from EconEd, a branch of MarcoPolo

The 'Virtual Learning Resource Center' is a search engine for research.

'Infomine' Scholarly Internet Resource Collections, for research.

University of Albany Library Internet subject directory for research.