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Mind-Mapping, 'the Straw-Man', and compound sentences.
1) Mind-Mapping
  It is good to think of our ideas before we write. If we do this, we can organize the ideas later, not as we write.
  If we try to organize as we write, it gets messy, we get lost, and we get stuck.
  Later, we can think about the order we will write the ideas, and what we will focus on.
  For the mind map, let's write all our ideas first.

Here is some advice for writing a 'Mind-Map':

Write quickly.
Write anything. ( Don't worry if it seems stupid. Later, you can cross it out! )
Just write the main words. ( Make a full sentence later. ) ( Japanese = OK! )
Don't think about anything until after you're finished.

Click here for a Mind-Map sheet.

2) 'The Straw-Man'
  'The Straw-Man' is the opposite of our opinion. It is the other side of the arguement. It is our enemy.
  In our essay, we show the other side, but then prove it wrong. This is like making a 'straw-man' and then burning him.
  In the first paragraph after the topic sentence, we usually show the other side and then, after that, prove it wrong with our own ideas, examples. or evidence. We can use compound sentences to do this.
  When we make a mind map, we should think of the other side too. ( a little )

3) Compound Sentences
Compound sentences have two parts that are like a sentence ( independent clauses ). The first part can be 'the straw-man' and the second part can be our opinion. The second part is stronger, or more important.
Look at these examples:

My opinion= Natto smells awful.
The other side (the straw-man)= Natto is healthy.

Some people think natto is healthy, but the smell is awful.
Although natto is healthy, it smells awful.
Even though natto is healthy, it smells awful.
Natto is healthy, however,  it smells awful.
Natto is healthy. On the other hand, it smells awful.
On one hand, natto is healthy but on the other hand it smells awful.

Next class we will write once more about being a member vs. being a leader. This time use a mind-map, make a straw-man and use compound sentences to prove your point.  Try to write a longer essay using the things you wrote last time.

Heres my example of a mind map. It took me 2 minutes.