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Japan's Self Defense Force in Iraq: Against

 Sending the self-defense force to Iraq is a bad idea for many reasons.
 First of all, the constitution forbids it. After WWII, Japan promised never to use military force outside of the country. In Japan's history the use of military force has lead to disaster and pain. The constitution has protected the Japanese people from this happening again. Whatever the reason, the constitution should never be changed because it has protected the people.
  Secondly, the war itself was illegal. The U.N. and many countries were against it.  There were more protests against the invasion of Iraq than any other event in human history so far. The reason given for starting the war was to destroy the so-called eweapons of mass destruction'.  However, we know now that there never were any weapons of mass destruction.  It was all a lie. America simply wanted to control the region because of the oil. Killing people to get money is murder and there is no excuse. If Japan helps America and the other countries in Iraq, Japan will also be guilty.
   Moreover, America, Britain and Japan have no right to change the government in Iraq or any other country. Only the people of that country have the right to do this.
   Another reason the SDF should not be in Iraq is that if Japan gets involved, Japan may become a victim of terrorism, or get involved in other wars someday. It could be the beginning of another military era. This would mean spending much more money on the military. This would make the economy much worse. Peace is much easier to achieve through politics than through violence.
  The best thing for Japan to do is stay neutral. Countries like Sweden always stay neutral and because of that, they are always at peace. Peace is the most important thing. Japan should not get involved in Iraq.

Q1: What does the constitution say about the military?
Q2: Who was against the war?
Q3  What did people around the world think of the war?
Q4: Why did America REALLY start the war?
Q5: What happened to the weapons of mass destruction?
Q6: Who has the right to change the Iraqi government?
Q7: What may happen to Japan in the future if it gets involved?
Q8: What would make the economy worse?
Q9: What should Japan do like Sweden?