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Japan's Self Defense Force in Iraq: For

  There are several reasons why it is necessary for Japan's self defense force to be deployed to Iraq.
  First of all, for economic reasons, Japan has a great interest in keeping peace in Iraq. The reason for this is that Japan imports 90% of its oil from the Middle East, more than any other developed country. If civil war broke out in Iraq, Japan would lose it main source of oil. This would create a very bad situation in Japan. So, the situation in Iraq directly effects the situation in Japan. Japan can no longer afford to be passive about international conflicts. Unfortunately, this will sometimes mean actively participating in military actions.
  Secondly, in the international community, Japan needs to be equal with other developed countries. In some circumstances, countries must sacrifice human life in order to keep peace. If America and Britain hadn't fought, Hussein's government would still be killing people, and planning terrorist attacks. Although some American and British soldiers died, many others were saved. Until now, Japan has given only money when there was a conflict. Many countries think this is unfair. Why should they give life when Japan only gives money?
  Finally, the main goal of the self-defense force will not be fighting. It will be helping to rebuild the country. Japan will be providing humanitarian assistance, and will not be involved in battles. The self-defense force will be doing things like supplying water, helping to build roads, and rebuilding schools and hospitals. Japan has a duty to help the new Iraqi government rebuild the country.  They will have weapons only to defend themselves in case they are attacked, but they will never be on the offensive.
  For these reasons, Japan has no choice but to send the self-defense force to Iraq and help rebuild.

Q1:    Why is peace in Iraq important for Japan?
Q2:    What would happen if civil war happened in Iraq?
Q3:    How has Japan been about international conflicts in the past? (One word)
Q4:    Sometimes, what is necessary to keep peace? Does Japan do this?
Q5:    What would have happened if America, and Britain hadn't fought?
Q6:    What did happen because of it?
Q7:    What has Japan done in the past when there was an international conflict?
Q8:    What will the SDF do in Iraq?
Q9 :   Why do they need weapons?