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  What does 'sustainability' mean? It means being able to continue to do something without causing damage. "Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" is another definition. As you can see below there are three basic dimensions, social, environmental, and economic, but there are endless possibilities for what you might consider to be an issue of sustainability. In order to decide what is sustainable, it might be easier to think of what isn't sustainable, for example something that seems like a small problem now but will cause a big problem someday in the future.
  In a country like Kenya creating sustainability would mean something like what Wangari Maathai's group GBM does by planting trees and empowering women. In the Middle East, finding a solution to the Palestinian problem may be the key to making sustainable peace not only in the region, but also around the globe. No one could deny that what the Millennium Development Goals aim for is sustainability and goal number 7, 'environmental stability', is probably what most people understand by the word 'sustainability'. 'Sustainable development' cannot be achieved if globalization and economic growth end up destroying nature and increasing poverty, and of course global warming and the goals of the Kyoto Protocol are linked to this unsustainable growth. As you can see, issues of sustainability are connected and we have studied many such issues in our two years together in the international course. For your final report, define sustainability and introduce an idea or thing that you think has promise for creating a sustainable future.  (170 words for the test, 1 or 2 A4 pages submitted in L)



Your essay structure might look something like this:

Present situation (j
Problem areas (_j
Solutions (j

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