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The Takeshima Issue

Much ado about these rocks.

  Last time several students said they wanted to write about Takeshima. Takeshima is the most recent political problem between Japan and Korea.
  Korea occupies the island now with a few soldiers and a radar station, but after WWII, it was never decided which country Takeshima, or Dokdo as it is also named, should belong to.
  For this reason, Korea occupying it seems unfair. It could be said that Korea has no right to be there. However, Japan's history with Korea is sensitive, so Japan claiming it seems very aggressive. It also seems as if Japan isn't sorry for the past and wants to expand again, like it did before WWII.
  Of course, the real issue is not about history. It is about the EEZ (Exculsive Economic Zone) that covers 200 nautical miles around the island. There are many natural resources there and both countries want the rights to them for the future.
  What is your opinion about the problem? ( 150 words ) ( 'New Topic' on BBS )