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I was on TV!!
  A few summers ago, my friend invited me to be on a TV show. They wanted to hear the opinions of some American people. Takajin asked me who I would vote for, Bush or Kerry? I said that I would vote for "anybody but Bush!", so probably Kerry. The reason is that I think the war in Iraq is a bad thing, and Bush started it for the  huge corporations, like the oil companies. Big companies should not be able to control government because big companies will do bad things for money, like start wars.
  Oil is getting harder to find, and in the future there may be more wars about oil, or other natural resources. Japan should never take part in such wars. Instead, Japan should lead the world in finding new ways of making energy and help other countries develop in a positive way. This will promote peace for the whole world and for Japan too, because Japan is connected to it. Japan is one of the best countries to do this because it has the education, technology, and most of all, the people who love peace enough to try.
  Even one person's life is more important than all the oil or money won for the big companies in a war. There must be a better way. Let's find it!

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