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Stuff for fellow University of Birmingham Tefl/Tesl MA students
Below is a collection of links useful for us. Maybe I can save us a little time by posting them here.
If anybody has any more good stuff, I'd be happy to add it if you send it to me.
*Note: This page was made in 2004-5 so many of the Birmingham things may have changed.
*Scroll down for pics from Hiroshima Seminar 2004

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Click here for recordings and materials from both Paul Nation's and Ronald Carter's presentations at JALT 2007

Resources from Birmingham:

University of Birmingham's main page for MA TEFL/TESL

'Bank of English'
Once you have your user name and password from B'ham
    telnet to:
The Users guide is at:

However, you will need to use some special software to telnet.
Other, easier to use web concordancers can be found on my 'Rad Links' page.



MA TEFL/TESL "assignment bank" has past examples of essays

Academic writing guides:

"Effective use of English" The Open University

'What is an Academic Essay?', University of Sussex Language Institute

'Writing Tools', The Writing Center, Harvard University

The ABCs of Academic Writing, Middlesex University

'Advice on Academic Writing', University of Toronto

'Writing a Literature Review', Wesleyan University Library

Getting your ideas into a logical sequence, U of Canterbury, N.Z.

Reference citing guides:

Guide to Harvard Style of referencing published material. ( Paul Moritosh said this was safe. )

Guide to the Modern Language Association (MLA) style of formatting manuscripts. ( I used this one to format the title )

You can search an author or researcher's name and it will give you contexts where they were cited
in other papers. Kind of a shortcut, but brings clarity to what exactly was claimed by that author.

Monica mentioned these for reference citing in her presentation:

  Other things Monica Mentioned on the third print entitiled 'Research Tools'

How to Organize your Thesis:
How to make effective power point presentations:

How to be a good graduate student:

Software mentioned for automatic reference citing:
EndNote ( )
Scholar's Aid
Nota  Bene
Scholar's Workstation
Library Master

Link organizing research tool 'Copernic'

Libraries in Japan:

Nacsis Webcat:

Pics from Hiroshima Seminar.