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Short Films #2 "Zero One Zero"

Today's movie is called  "Zero One Zero" and it's pretty interesting!  This time you will have to use your imagination because there are many things left unexplained.  Here are some things for you to think about:

  Where was he when he woke up?
  Where did the book come from?
  Who was in the pictures?
  Where did the plane come from?
  Why was it chasing him?
  What was the machine?
  Where did he go?

You can download the movie at home if you want to: >> download "Zero One Zero"

  Today's writing strategy:   The 'M' method.
   Her name is a secret but it begins with an M, and, well, she likes sports and is a student of this school. Beyond that, I can't tell you anything!
  She used this method to start writing about "Blockbuster".  As you can see, she just wrote down a bunch of short phrases at first. Then, later, she made these into sentences and connected them.  This is a really good method! By doing this, you can plan your writing before you start. Strategies like this are really important. Let's try it out today. Don't forget the 30 minute time limit!

The 'M' method
This is what she wrote:

Walking down the street

The first one is with
Car chase
Did the guy die?
What is block buster?

The second one is
He found it in a dumpster
Love action
Steals scooter
Hits the space ship

He is a cop and finds the thing thinks I has to do wiithbad guys
The guy dies

Back to ship
Wakes up