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1/12-19 Short Film: "Zero One Zero"

Today we will watch a short film called  "Zero One Zero". It's pretty funny!  On the BBS, you will write your own version of the story. You will have to use your imagination because there are many things left unexplained.  Be creative and create a crazy story!

Here are some things for you to think about:

  Where was he when he woke up?
  Where did the book come from?
  Who was in the pictures?
  Where did the plane come from?
  Why was it chasing him?
  What was the machine?
  Where did he go?

You can download the movie at home if you want to: >> download "Zero One Zero"

 Other suggestions:
 Take notes as you watch.
 Make a plan for your crazy story before you start writing.
 Use 'words of transition' (Ϊ‘±ŽŒjto make longer sentences.
 Stick to 'The Given-New Principle' as you introduce the different elements.