Matthew Walsh's EFL ESL website

Writing Summer Homework Assignment 2

Finish the 1st draft of your essay, and post it on the 'Student BBS' of Mr. Walsh's EFL ESL website. After that, read another student's essay, and give them a helpful comment.

1) Put your first draft of gMoney and Successh in the 'Writing' Forum of the BBS as a 'New Topic'.

2) Don't forget to try to write an 'introduction' that leads into the thesis or topic sentencef

3) At the bottom, write your name from the 'Secret Journal'.

4) Read another student's 1st draft on the BBS.

5) Give them 2 comments as an 'Add Reply'
     1: I like ~.   
     2: I think you should write more about ~.
        *Note:  Be nice, but constructive.

6) Sign your reply with your'Secret Journal' name.

7) If all the drafts already have a reply, look again in a few days.