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Cohesion(結束性)/ Flow

Today, we will rewrite our essays about leaders and members, but first we need some advice. Do these things:

1)  Look at other people's essays  to find  some more ideas.
2)  Look at the 'feedback analysis' window of Criterion.
3)  Read the text below and take the quiz on Quizlab.

In June, we learned about redundancy and paraphrasing. Do you remember?
You can avoid using the same word by using:

substitute words

general terms
specific examples

  This helps a text flow nicely by connecting the sentences together. Take a look at these 3 sentences:

   Being a leader has many advantages. One of them is learning how to make decisions for yourself. This is an important skill in our personal lives as well as when we work within groups.

  Can you see the connections? Here they are:

     'many advantages'   equals   'one of them'
     'how to make decisions for yourself'   equals   'this'

  Now, look at these sentences:

  Being a leader has many disadvantages. For example, the responsibilities of being a leader can be a burden.   Decisions you make will effect others. Thinking about them takes more time than if you were only concerned about yourself.

  The connections here are:

     'disadvantages' equals 'responsibilities'
     'burden' equals 'decisions'
     'decisions' equals 'them'

Now go to quizlab and do the quiz called Cohesion/Flow

     GO Straight in! (Click here)->> quizlab login  ,   or   
Click here for directions to 'Quizlab'

     After you are finished, read the answers and explantations. (Click here)