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4/18 "What is Newsworthy?" research project.

5/7 Darfur

5/15, 5/17 The Niger Delta conflict

Semester 1 mid-term exam review

5/29 Child Labor

6/7 Register for Yahoo! Mail, and Blogger.

6/12 What is a Blog?

Blog List

Semester 1 final exam review

9/11 Articles on the Middle East

10/2 The Question of Palestine

10/4 Keywords

Semester 2 mid-term exam review

10/23 Nukes in North Korea

11/6 -  Russian Coastguard Kills Fisherman

11/15 The UN Millenium Development Goals

11/20 Keywords

Semester 2 final exam review

An Inconvenient Truth 1: The Controversy, Policy, and the Media

An Inconvenient Truth 2: Cause and Effect

Research Project: Ways to Lessen Global Warming

Semester 3 final exam review