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4/21 (B),  4/28  (A)
  1. Register for BBS (Username:  1組,出席番号1=101  Password: CAVと同 じ、email address=携帯のもの)
  2. Register for Quizlab (Classword: 一組=ikewriting1,  2組=ikewriting2 .....  Password: CAVと同じ)
  3. Download Seamonkey and install. Leave installer on the desktop.
  4. Choose a topic and write on the BBS.

5/12 (B),  5/19 (A):  Darfur
  1. Read the text about Darfur.
  2. Go to Quizlab and take the quiz called 'Darfur'.
  3. Go to the BBS and write your ideas for a solution to the Darfur problem. (New topic) Also give a counter opinion. (Reply)
  4. Get a small piece of paper and give a suggestion for the next topic. (We want something we can debate about.)

6/9 (B), 6/16 (A) The Takeshima Issue

6/23 (B), 6/30 (A) Child Labor
   Read the text and write on the BBS. You may write your opinion about 'child labor', globalization, demonstrations, or anything you find relevant. (150 words)

9/1, 9/8 Texts on the Middle East

10/6, 10/13 A Solution for Israel and Palestine.

10/20, 10/27 Nukes in North Korea ( Writing Strategies #1: Make a Plan : Listing, Ballooning )

11/10, 11/17 Writing Strategies #2: Writing a Draft : Loop Writing  ( The Year So Far )

11/24, 12/1 Writing Strategies #3: Revision

1/12, 1/19  A Short Film: Zero One Zero

1/26, 2/2 An Inconvenient Truth

2/16 Writing Class Survey

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